There is a lot more to developing an effective pubco brand than designing a funky logo and picking some trendy colours and textures. Your brand is going to be the visual identity that sets your pubco apart from the rest, and will ideally be recognisable for years to come. For that reason, it should be given the love and attention it deserves.

Serious consideration should be given to your target clientele, your location and your offering before an idea for a colour is even uttered. By considering what you are offering, where you are offering it and who you are offering it to, a brand can be developed that speaks directly to your potential customers, whether they are gin-sipping hipsters in Shoreditch or cider-glugging villagers in Somerset.

Attracting staff, attracting customers

Your pubco brand is also an important tool to help you solve one of the biggest problems in the industry, attracting the right calibre of staff. The best hospitality staff are going to want to work for the best companies, and first impressions really do count.

The identity it deserves

So, whether you are launching a pubco from scratch, taking your pubco in a new direction or just feel your brand needs a little refresh, then our friendly team of design and branding experts can help.

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