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Cityglen Pub Co. is an independent pubco, with 6 managed pubs in London. They have two distinct types of pub:

  • City Pubs (dry-led) – “Serious pubs with a serious kitchen”
  • Glen Pubs – (wet-led) – “Real London pubs”

Cityglen Pub Co. approached Websites 4 for a new group website for their small chain of pubs. The site would act as a portal for all the individual locales whilst highlighting the values and lifestyle of the group as a whole.

With a recently designed logo, a simple colour palette and bespoke photography as a starting point, we were ready to get started bringing the Cityglen Pub Co. online presence up to date. Beautiful photography and bold typography were to be at the heart of the new design as we looked to develop a website which would reflect the range of pubs they own, playing on a traditional London pub theme. The brief:

  • Design & develop a website suitable for the City pubs & the Glen pubs
  • Give the pubco a friendly, relatable feel by introducing both the pubs and the team.
  • Appeal to potential staff, showing that Cityglen pubs are a fun place to work.
  • Look at wats to increase table bookings.

We were really happy with the website design, it exceeded our expectations. Managing a website was a new task for us, but the team at Websites4 took us through some training and in no time at all we’ve been adding and changing content with ease!

Sian Timmermans

Cityglen Pub Co

The corporate website’s key requirements stayed at the forefront of everything we did, starting with the IA (Information Architecture). The structure of the site was carefully considered to maximise the impact of the imagery and make booking a table as easy as possible from every page on the site. At this stage, consideration was also given to ease of navigation, which led to the addition of an ever-present menu which included a very obvious ‘Book A Table’ call to action.

The image-focused design resulted in the choice of a bold condensed font which allowed the main headlines to remain clear and legible when used over the top of imagery, as well as giving the website a unique identity. This additional identity will also undoubtedly prove an asset when it comes to future marketing for Cityglen.

City & Glen pubs

As well as developing the Cityglen Pub Co. corporate website, all 6 of Cityglen’s pubs have individual pub websites using our Websites4Pubs system. Sian, head of marketing within the group has the ability to control the content that appears on the websites, ensuring everything stays on brand and all events and menus are always up to date.