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True Pub Co. is a small group of community-focused managed pubs in and around London. At the time of writing, True Pub Co. operates 8 sites:

  • 4 traditional wet-led pubs which host regular live music, and show live sports
  • 4 dry-led bistro pubs with a focus on locally-sourced menus

We were approached by True Pub Co. as they were looking to rename and rebrand their pubco, which was to involve work on their brand, corporate website, individual pub websites as well as guidance around online content.

With no branding, other than a logo, it was left to Websites4 to build the True Pub Co. brand, providing influence on image treatment, the colour palette, typographic choices and brand assets. The brand and style of the corporate pubco website was the first port of call, which would then be used to influence other corporate materials and individual pub websites.

Based on discussions we had with Edel at True Pub Co, we discovered that the community-focus resulted in a broad audience requirement, with the website needing to appeal to a wide range of customers (after work drinkers, family restaurant users, Sunday lunch visitors, sports fans, etc.) as well as staff (new and existing).

We were really happy with the website design, it exceeded our expectations. Managing a website was a new task for us, but the team at Websites4 took us through some training and in no time at all we’ve been adding and changing content with ease!

Edel Becton

True Pub Co

From a customer-facing perspective, the ‘Pubs’ page was the most important to get right. This listing page would help customers who had enjoyed a True Pub Co. pub to find other locations. Other than the important ‘Pubs’ page, a key task of the new site was to provide customers with an insight into the food & drink and events on offer at the pubs, without being too pub specific. Like a highlights reel, this would include sample menus, image galleries and non-specific information about events like quizzes, live music and outdoor movie nights.

The other key responsibility of the True Pub Co. website was to promote the benefits of working in one of their pubs and encourage applications, as we all know that top-quality staff are not always so easy to come by and can make a huge difference to the performance of your pub.

Individual pubs

As part of the project, True Pub’s 8 separate pubs all have their own individual pub websites using our Websites4Pubs system. The system allows the pub manager to keep the website updated with menus and events specific to the specific pub, while True Pub’s head office maintain control and visibility over the content and style of the site in general.

The end result is a bold, modern and stylish brand and range of websites, which portray professionalism with a friendly, local touch. The colour palette is contemporary and the websites have been finished to a highly precise standard with the addition of some industry-specific touches, like the mobile menu and custom-illustrated footer on the corporate website.